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Construction / Cement Industries

In Nape Strap and Mines Helmet models from Concord are recommended for cement industry work. Thanks to the crown vent and a particularly large ventilation area they offer an optimised helmet climate in addition to the outstanding standard safety characteristics of Concord Helmets with ISI approval.

A further innovation developed by the engineers at Concord is the new "Nape Strap & Mines", the first helmet that improves the visibility of the wearer not only in daylight, but also during darkness for up to 6 hours. The danger of accidents Cement industry workers in the twilight hours is significantly reduced by the improved visibility of the helmets.

Concord Nape Strap & Mines Helmets are available with various face shields and the associated ear muffs. The helmet combinations can thus be adapted to various situations in which head, face and ear protection is required.

Please note that Concord helmets can only be obtained from specialised dealers.

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