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Police Helmets

FRP protection Concord is the benchmark for police helmets. Concord equips not only almost all police forces in India with models which are customised perfectly for the operational situations, but also many indian police forces with anti-riot helmets. Bullet-proof helmets for police work are also included in Concord's product range.

Would you like to know more about our innovative, high-quality products? Do you have any suggestions for us? Or do you wish to send us an enquiry? We will gladly provide you with personal assistance! If you already have a Concord helmet, please specify the model when you submit your enquiry.

Our police and defence products are intended exclusively for use by public organisations. Please therefore understand that all enquiries we receive can only be processed after we have checked them thoroughly.

Product overview
  • High-performance FRP helmet shell material
  • Dimensional stability at high temperatures
  • Optimal fit through 3 helmet shell sizes
Outstanding protection characteristics:
  • Excellent shock absorption properties
  • High lateral rigidity
  • High impact strength
High wearing comfort and optimal hold through:
  • Ergonomically shaped suspension
  • 6-point webbing
  • Adjustable wearing height
Outstanding protection characteristics:
  • High chemical resistance
  • High resistance to UV radiation