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Steel / Energy Industries

In hot industries in particular (e.g. when working at the smelting furnace, on steel rolling lines and in foundries) it is important to have the right safety helmet. Concord safety helmets such as the FRP impress with their dimensional stability under the influence of heat and low radiated heat to the inside. Further advantages are the optimal fit through 3 helmet shell sizes, outstanding chemical resistance and a long service life. The Ergonomically shaped, height-adjustable suspension also guarantees high wearing comfort and a secure fit.

Product overview
  • High-performance FRP helmet shell material.
  • Dimensional stability at high temperatures.
  • Optimal fit through 3 helmet shell sizes.
Outstanding protection characteristics:
  • Excellent shock absorption properties.
  • High lateral rigidity.
  • High impact strength.
High wearing comfort and optimal hold through:
  • Ergonomically shaped suspension
  • 6-point webbing
  • Adjustable wearing height
Outstanding protection characteristics:
  • High chemical resistance
  • High resistance to UV radiation